Specialised Tantra Massage

If you are looking for something more than your average sensual massage, look no further than our life-changing Tantra massage. Your massage therapist will relax your body and mind through a passionate combination of a full body massage, soft caressing and a tantalizing array of sensual touches that will have you in a blissful nirvana of sensuality.

This massage is designed to distance yourself form the constant racing thoughts of your mind, anchoring you into this moment. It leaves you in a complete state of surrender to the ultimate bliss

Our techniques are constructed to unify your mind, body and soul so you can achieve the utmost full body orgasm

Questions about Tantra Massage

What is Tantra?

The practice of Tantra began in India, many thousands of years ago, and the word itself means ‘weave’ in Sanskrit. Tantra belief takes the premise that life is a pattern of thousands of threads woven together, a tapestry of sorts. Tantra has two main ‘characters’ in Shakti and Shiva, who are the male and female personifications of the cosmic universe.

Tantra is a practice that is there to enlighten and enable; to enlighten our lives through accessing the real, inner person within and enabling – through the use of touch and breathing, massage and other techniques – us to lead fulfilling and enlightened lives, and to use our potential to the full. When you engage in Tantra practices with us, you will do so with the guidance of a Therapist, or Tantra therapist.

Will I Be Naked During the Massage?

Both the client and the Therapist will be naked during a Tantra massage. This is the only natural way to allow the true sensuality of the massage to be experienced. You need to be relaxed, at one with nature, and to be able to receive the sensuous touches of the massage – this cannot be achieved if either party is clothed!

Only in this natural state, with two unclothed bodies, can the sexual energy that flows through the body be fully experienced. If you are not comfortable with both being naked, we are here to listen to your comments and answer any questions. Rest assured, your massage will be the most discrete, private and thoroughly invigorating experience you ever partake in, and once you have broken through the barrier that first time, you will feel perfectly comfortable the next. Leave it with our highly experienced Therapist to make you as comfortable as can be.

Will We Have Intercourse?

The Therapist works with sexual energy, not sex itself; there is no intercourse involved, and we are not here to offer sexual services. What you will experience in a Tantra massage is a naturist experience; you are both naked to take you as close to your natural state as possible. It is about allowing intimacy completely.

You will of course experience sexual arousal; this is part of the natural course of things, a product of the stimulation and use of sexual energy. You will be taught to receive – you do not give back in a sexual manner – by the Therapist, but there will be no actual, physical sex act of any kind involved. The purpose is to help you use your sexual energy for your own needs, rather than giving it to others.

Can I Touch the Therapist?

Remember, the focus is entirely on you, the client; you are receiving, not giving. You will not be permitted to touch the therapist during the massage, though they will naturally be touching you. All you do is follow the Therapist’s instructions, and let them do their job. There will be – or may be – occasions when the Therapist moves your hands to ‘ground’ with her; this will involve placing them on certain parts of her body. However, you will be required to concentrate on directing all energy towards yourself, and any outward action on your part will break the routine.

I’m Concerned I May Develop Feelings for the Therapist

This happens sometimes, and is perfectly natural. But, you will come to realise that – in fact – it is not her you are falling for, but aspects of yourself that you are being taught to recognise, that you may not have noticed before. Self-love is important in Tantra, and this is simply an embodiment of that. It can be difficult to understand at first, but Tantra will help.

OK, But I’m Still Scared of the Process!

Of course you are; most people enter the first Tantra session with a sense of fear. This is because we are shown a false impression of what sexuality and intimacy is all about. We watch films and see adverts, read books and more that give us an impression that is a long way from reality. Nobody really teaches us how to be intimate, nobody guides or tutors us in the ways to keep a relationship on track. We are not, in fact, very good at communicating our feelings.

Tantra is about intimacy, but it’s about receiving, and being open to receiving, and that may not be a natural situation for many people. Tantra will teach you how to communicate your feelings, how to accept this, and we will proceed at a pace that suits the individual – there is no rush, and it is not a race to the finish!

I Keep Reading About ‘Sexual Healing’ – What Does It Mean?

In the past, you may have endured sexual experiences that were not pleasant, or that were traumatic. These remain with us in the form of emotional baggage, and this takes up a lot of our natural energy resources. Sexual healing is about the release of these negative feelings; it takes many forms. It can be very simple – we will teach you that you no longer need to dwell on the past, as your life is in the future – or we can use massage, breathing and other Tantra techniques to help you let those experiences go. It’s all part of Tantra.

I Am Concerned that I May Ejaculate During the Session

You might, and many men do! It’s not a problem, and the Therapist will let you go ahead when you need to. However, bear in mind that holding in that release of sexual energy – which comes with ejaculation – is part of the Tantra experience. The Therapist will help you use breathing and muscle-control techniques to hold off ejaculation for as long as possible – or indeed to remove the feeling of the need to ejaculate completely – which will allow you to use that sexual energy in other areas.

It’s worth noting that in fact, Tantra practices are among the very best treatments for premature ejaculation, so if you suffer from such, let us know and we’ll be happy to teach you the techniques to overcome this very common problem. Tantra will teach you more about enjoying your sex life – with a partner and alone – than you will learn from any other discipline.

Can Tantra Help Me Reach Orgasm?

Yes, tantra practices can be a great help in achieving orgasm for both men and women. Indeed, you will learn how to extend into what are known as ‘full body orgasms’; for men, this happens alongside the teachings that will help delay ejaculation. For women, there are very powerful Tantra techniques that will allow you to enjoy as many orgasms as you wish – in a way that you have never experienced before! This very physical side of Tantra works alongside the spiritual, sexual side in utilising the powerful sexual energy that is often underused in most of us.

My Body is Old and I’m Not Attractive

This is a problem that many people tell us about, and it is one of the reasons why people turn to Tantra. As Tantra Practitioners, we are not interested in what you look like; we are interested in teaching you that you need to overcome these kinds of thoughts – this is part of what Tantra is all about. Think if it this way: we see every one of you as an expression of Existence, Existence being – in one form – what many people see as ‘God’. We want to help you understand that you are a part of something much bigger, something much more spiritual and cosmic than just your one life.

Tantra Massage will help you overcome the negativity that comes with looking at your body and believing you are not perfect and rest assured, we see some truly beautiful people come through our doors who believe they are ugly! This is not about the physical, it’s about the being as a whole. Tantra Massage is for everyone and anyone who wants to explore their existence, whatever you look like, no matter what you weigh, no matter your age.

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