Elite Erotic and Sensual Massage

An alluring blend of a traditional Swedish massage mixed with an erotic caress that is guaranteed to activate all your pleasure receptors, the Sensual Massage for men is performed in the nude to create the most seductive environment possible.

Designed to relieve stress while reinvigorating your carnal senses, the incredible feel of the skilled hands of your beautiful masseuse running across your body will bring more pleasure than you can possibly contain. From the very first touch of your skin until the amazing finish, the Sensual Massages are the perfect way to escape into a world of erotic enjoyment!

How it Works

1) Contact Us

Contact us by phone at 060 444 8885 to learn more about Sensual Massage, and to schedule your massage appointment.

2) Enquire and Book

On your call, we will answer any questions that you may have, and help you to feel at ease.

3) Confirmation

We will confirm the time of your appointment, the service that you will receive, and the availability of the massage therapist, if you have requested your goddess.

4) Arrive and Feel at Home

Once you arrive at our discreet venue, you will pay the fee for the service at reception.

5) Meet your Goddess

If you have not selected your goddess, each available goddess will introduce herself to you. You will select the goddess of your choice, and be taken through to one of our luxury rooms.

6) Relax and Settle in

Once you are ready to proceed with your massage, you will first take a mandatory shower to ensure our environment is always hygienic.

After this, your goddess will begin with your stimulating, sensual massage.

7) Feel Enlightened

Once you have received your massage and are completely satisfied with the incredible service from your goddess, you will take the mandatory shower.

Now, you are ready to leave in a euphoric state!

Sensual Massage Prices

30 min

1 Therapist – R950
2 Therapist – R1750

60 min

1 Therapist – R1150
2 Therapist – R2150
Couple 2 Therapist – R3150

90 min

1 Therapist – R1550
2 Therapist – R2950
Couple 2 Therapist – R4150

120 min

1 Therapist – R1950
2 Therapist – R3950
Couple 2 Therapist – R4750

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