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A Variety of Elite Erotic Massages

Massage Pricing

Sensual Massage

30 min 60 min 90 min 120 min
1 Therapist R 950 R 1150 R 1550 R 1950
2 Therapist R 1750 R 2150 R 2950 R 3950
Couple 1 Therapist R 2300 R 3100 R 3700
Couple 2 Therapist R 3150 R 4150 R 4750

Tantra Massage

30 min 60 min 90 min 120 min
1 Therapist R 1700 R 2100


60 min 90 min 120 min 180 min
Freya VIP Suite R 300 R 500 Free Free
Tantra VIP Suite R 300 R 500 Free Free
Fantasy R 500 R 500 R 500 R 500


Our Services

Sensual Massage

 An alluring blend of a traditional Swedish massage mixed with an erotic caress that is guaranteed to activate all your pleasure receptors, the Sensual Massage is performed in the nude to create the most seductive environment possible.

Fantasy Massage

Do you have a special fantasy in your mind that you can’t wait to experience in real life? It’s time to stop dreaming, as our tantalizing team of girls are experts in turning your fantasies into erotic realities!

Tantra Massage

Your massage therapist will relax your body and mind through a passionate combination of a full body massage, soft caressing and a tantalizing array of sensual touches that will have you in a blissful nirvana of sensuality.


Are you into kink and BDSM? We are expanding our expertise into Fetish and BDSM services. Check back soon for more information.

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