A Simple Way to Receive an Upscale Erotic Massage

We make it easier than ever to schedule, visit and receive a world class sensual massage in Pretoria through our incredibly efficient process.

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  • Contact us by phone at 060 444 8885  to schedule your massage appointment
  • We will confirm the time of your appointment, the service that you will receive and your masseuse (if you have made your choice)
  • Once you arrive at our studio, you will pay the fee for the service at reception
  • Thereafter, you will be led into one of our elegant and tasteful massage rooms
  • You will receive a fresh towel
  • If you have not selected your specific masseuse, each available girl will come and introduce herself to you
  • You will select the girl of your choice, who will confirm the massage services of your choice
  • Once your masseuse is confirmed, you will then take a mandatory shower to ensure our studio is always hygienic
  • This is where your masseuse will begin your stimulating massage service
  • Once you receive your massage and are completely satisfied by the incredible service, you will take the mandatory shower
  • Now, you are ready to leave in a euphoric state